Business Development Journals

Business Development Journals

The Freeport EDC is excited to announce the launch of our new Business Development Journal Series. This series of journals are intended to help new and existing businesses. This journal series has been provided by FEDC Executive Director, Robert Johnson and will be released periodically. 

Journal #1 "Getting Started with Your Business" discusses the first crucial step in opening a business; the business plan. Read more here: Journal #1 Getting Started with Your Business 

Journal #2 "How Much Will It Cost to Start My Business?" discusses the need to evaluate all possible costs associated with your startup, including a few items you may have not considered. Read more here: Journal #2 How Much Will It Cost to Start My Business? 

Journal #3 "What is a Marketing Plan?" discusses just how valuable having a marketing plan is for your business and the steps to create your own. Read more here: Journal #3 What is a Marketing Plan? 

Journal #4 "How Do I Finance My Business?" outlines a number of ways to finance the startup or expansion of your business.  Read more here: Journal #4 How Do I Finance My Business?

Journal #5 "How Do I Prepare a Loan Proposal?" discusses the different types of loans and the information necessary for applying. Read more here: Journal #5 How Do I Prepare a Loan Proposal?

Journal #6 "How Do I Do My Accounting" bookkeeping and accounting basics and offers tools to make this easy to manage with a small business. Read more here: Journal #6 How Do I Do My Accounting?