Freeport First

It’s a fact, Freeport:                         Shopping Local Matters!

Shopping away from home and in big-box national retailers, robs your community of precious growth opportunities.   But by shopping close to home in local businesses, you provide a wealth of benefits to your community and yourself!

By shopping local, you can help

  • Keep more money in your community
  • Develop new businesses
  • Create new job opportunities for you and your neighbors
  • Sustain local business owners and their employees
  • Create more tax revenue for Public Improvement
  • Fund your roads, police, fire department, and schools
  • Save drive time and fuel costs
  • Save the environment by driving less and reducing car emissions
  • Support local charitable groups by funding the businesses that support them
  • Get to know your neighbors and your community


Keep your heart and your money in Freeport
and watch Freeport flourish!

Shop Freeport - when you shop local you help create jobs, grow business, enrich your community